Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In cold blood

A few days ago Mark Zuckerberg announced on the net that he had decided to eat meat only from animals he had slaughtered personally. That resolution, he explained, was a way to remind himself that a living being had to die in order for him to fill his stomach. Such reminders would help him be thankful for the food he eats. Killing his own food was also another annual challenge for him – after last year he had resolved to learn Mandarin, and the previous year – to wear a tie every day. Zuckerberg started by killing a chicken.

Then he moved on to slit the throat of a goat and slaughter a pig using an undisclosed butchering technique. Naturally, he bragged about those exploits on his private Facebook page accessible only to his closest 847 friends. Judging by the causal, slightly self-centered way in which he writes about his new quest, it’s hard to imagine Zuckerberg felt much of anything when he dispatched those hapless animals to a better life. I bet if he had been hooked to some skin conductance measuring device while wielding the knife, it would have registered nothing. For its arrow to twitch, Zuckerberg would probably need to decapitate a baby seal and drink a pint of warm blood. Even that, I am afraid, may be a bit underwhelming.