Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Zeitgeist 2012

An article in the NYT recently gave some advice on (ad)dressing a festering social wound: “How to Attack the Gender Gap? Speak Up.” My immediate thought was: how about creating a less competitive and fairer social environment? But this just shows how naïve I can be.

Another NYT piece announces that “Hard Times in Spain Force Feuding Couples to Delay Divorce.” The online teaser clarifies the troubling implications: “Spaniard couples are staying in troubled relationships longer as a result of the economic crisis and are paying the emotional price.” Could it also be the case that the crisis is helping some married people avoid the temptation to leave their marriage – and maybe kids – a bit too easily in search of their own elusive happiness? Maybe – but putting this twist on the story would be wholly and totally against the Zeitgeist.