Monday, June 16, 2014

Macht makes right

It’s no fun facing a real existential dilemma. Whom should I root for – the team which relies on the most pathetic and obnoxious football/soccer player in living memory; or the team representing (albeit imperfectly) the nation whose leaders twice sank the “world” in bloody conflict last century – and which provided thousands of gleeful executioners for the delusional and murderous Nazi regime? After much soul searching, I opted for the latter. Why? Because they seemed poised to score a rare victory for “civilization” in the early 21st century. And because I could not really suppress my dislike of Ronaldo – no matter how politically incorrect it might seem.
I was going to say – the irony is that Germany's blitz was perhaps assisted a bit by a Serb referee; but it's probably time to stop with all these facile stereotypes...