Thursday, June 13, 2013

The riot will be monetized

So the inevitable has happened. The balaclava, or ski mask – a key element of the Pussy Riot look – was initially borrowed by a few performing celebrities as a sign of solidarity with the young Russian women (Madonna) or of their own complete lack of judgment (Justin Bieber). Now the provocative clothing accessory has been adopted by several fashion designers presenting their fall collections.

This turn of events was apparently anticipated by the band members who tried to discourage such pathetic copycatting. One of them, Bullet (whose name does sound better - and more feminine - in Russian), stated in an interview last year: “It’s very important to us that there are no designers or labels to fetishize around us.” This squeamishness is understandable, but I have a message for Bullet and her sisters. At the cost of some personal sacrifice or at least inconvenience, you can try to fight Putin or Erdogan. But you can’t fight this.