Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Savor this - cheese made from breast milk!

A New York chef discovered that his wife (and restaurant co-owner) had frozen more of her breast milk than they needed for their baby daughter. There and then, he was then struck by one of those blitz associations which are the mark of real creative genius. Why not offer his customers and admirers a recipe which includes cheese made from breast milk? He did exactly that, and on his blog he invited anyone who was interested to try the new product on a first-come-first-served basis. He had some fleeting ethical concerns, but those quickly dissipated - what could possibly be wrong with giving away a rare product they did not need? But he cringed from selling the stuff, saying: "That weirds me out." That's a shame - such a unique offering would have fetched an hefty price; and it would have opened the door to countless single mothers to cash in on the one marketable resource nature has given them; and their babies would have been breast-fed for at least two years, as advised by natural health fanatics - the benefits are too many to list here. Anyway, even if he wanted to sell the cheese, the New York authorities would not allow him. They are frowning even on his attempt to offer his proud creation for free. Can anything beat this example of needless and mindless state oppression? It's a prime example of the excessive, allegedly benevolent intervention of state functionaries in the lives of American citizens once decried by Tocqueville.